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Flooring That Elevates

There are only a handful of DIY's we have tackled here at the ol' casa de Modern Vintage that have made as big of an impact as our new floors from Select Surface Flooring! Truth be told, I felt paralyzed with fear for the longest time, stressing about picking out the perfect flooring. What would look best? What would be the most practical? What isn't going to break the bank and yet still provide the look and feel we so desired? Well, turns out the answer was simple; Select Surface Flooring. You guys, I didn't know it was possible to love floors on this level but here I am drooling over them every day! Chances are if you're reading this than you can totally relate!

One of my very favorite characteristics of their premium laminate flooring is the overall selection. Being an Official Select Surface Flooring partner I was able to see sample after sample of some of most beautiful laminate wood planks you ever did see. Whether you are wanting a Dark Hickory, or in our case, a neutral Barnwood they have a color and style that will fit all of your needs. What is also notable about these floors was the ease of installation. My husband and I drug our feet for far too long allowing fear of the install process prevent us from actually picking up the project. However, Select Surface Flooring easy snap planks made this project a breeze. Over the course of a very long weekend we were able to install all the flooring in our up stairs (approx. 1200sqft) on our own! Just wait until you see some of the before and afters! I am literally kicking myself for waiting for so long!

Now that the flooring has been lived on I can attest that these floors have held up to their claims of being able to withstand loads of abuse. With three boys and two dogs we haven't seen one scratch or imperfection! And, as luck would have it, we experienced a giant water spill courtesy of a very over-watered plant and because the flooring is water resistant up to twenty four hours we didn't experience any issues with lifting or bubbling of the planks. I don't know if you can tell by the tone of this blog by I absolutely love these floors! If you're interested in checking them out for yourself you can simply head to your local Sam's Club! Say what? Yes, these floors can be purchased through your local Sam's Club which is probably the most convenient factor of them all! I hope this blog, if nothing else, encourages you to take on this DIY project and do so with Official Select Surface Flooring! Not just because they're an absolutely incredible product but because with their ease of install even of the most novice of DIYers will feel like a pro!

Speaking My Truths,


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