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Halloween Tablescape

Is there anything better than creating a tablescape for guests that not only will get them talking but also make their skin crawl? Halloween tablescapes are the best because you can really go wild! Nothing is off limits. Well... maybe SOME things but you can really let your imagination go wild! And I am here to show you just how easy it is to make meal time memorable for your little monster guests!

When it comes to creating a terrifying tablescape you need to implement elements that not only feel real but also can be reused season after season. One of my very favorite finds to date is this carved wooden skull that I found at Ross Dress for Less. It was around $8 and has paid for itself a million times over as I use it at almost every table setting! Prop your skeleton on a worn cutting board with spanish moss (found at my local Dollar Tree) and you've added an eerie detail and much needed texture to your table!

When it comes to place settings I feel like you can't go wrong using a grapevine wreath! I found a set on Amazon but you can pick them up at any local craft store! The versatility of the grapevines is what makes them worth the investment. In fall, they make an unusual charger that reminds guests of a gnarled, haunted forest. Then again, I have used this same grapevine wreath in the spring as a little faux nest! The possibilities are endless and that is what makes them so fabulous!

My number one tip for setting a swoon worthy tablescape is to make sure there is visual candy for every guests. Individualized place settings are a great way to make your guests feel special and surely get them talking. Here I used eyeballs from JoAnn Fabrics and small grapevine wreaths from Hobby Lobby for one settings. Alternating settings have small orange pumpkins, again from Hobby Lobby, while I wrapped these metal wine tags from the dollar spot at Target ($3) to use them as napkin rings!

$3 wine tags from Target act as napkin ring to create interest and personalization to your place setting.

Every freakishly fabulous tablescape needs an element of surprise! An old taxidermy croc head found at my local Goodwill Thrift serves as a conversation starter and compliments the neighboring bottles.

Mixing old with new always adds a touch of authenticity to your Halloween tablescape. Tarnished silver goblets next to Dollar Tree smoked glass wine glasses play nicely with one another instead of overshadowing each other. It is the mixture of the old and the new that add the character and charm to your space.

I hope this was helpful and you learned something fun and new for your next terrifying tablescape! Feel free to comment below any questions you might have!

Happy Hauntings Friends,


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