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Loft Refresh Part 3

In the real world DIY projects take a bit of time but in the grand scheme of remodels this one came together rather quickly. After a couple of weeks this room was shaping up to be the cozy corner I envisioned. One area of this room that still needed some serious love were the windows. I knew I wanted to case them (see how I case windows in our DIY Hub) but the windows needed more character.

Before Window Casing

After Window Casing

Painted Window Casing

I have always wanted black window frames. I don't know if you know this but windows are extremely expensive. Like sell a child expensive. Seeing as my windows are brand new there was no cause for me to spend that kind of money plus I rather like my kiddos. I thought we were destined to have khaki window frames forever. That is until I stumbled upon a fellow Instagrammer's page where, with great success, she SPRAY PAINTED her window frames black. Say what? My. Mind. Was. Blown!

I literally couldn't believe what I was seeing. Using painters tape, 3m cling plastic, and Rustoleum Ultra 2x black paint she spray painted her windows and totally transformed the look (visit Allie's blog HERE). Game on!!

First I taped the glass on the window. This is to create an even greater barrier between your window and the spray paint. Ill be taping the cling plastic over the window in addition to this little extra protective layer of tape like so;

Then it was go time! With a hope and a prayer I worked in thin layers first adding the spray primer (I chose flat black). I waited until the paint was tacky but not completely dry before adding the next layer. This is a less is more scenario. I rather add more coats of paint then apply too much paint at once and risk dripping. The good news is that this only required two coats of paint.

Side by side of one window spray painted and the other not.

Plastic and tape removed to reveal a beautiful black window frame.

Next was to add mullions to the windows. Are you wondering what mullions are? Sounds like something you use to garnish a steak! But mullions are the dividing pieces you see in decorative windows that give it a gorgeous multi-pane look. My new build home came with these standard windows which I have disliked from day one. Que New Panes. This company sells mullions that can be spray painted and adhered using velcro. The best part? The mullions and connectors are ultra affordable! You can watch a video about this product by clicking here. For the record this isn't sponsored I just really like this freaking product!

Using the same black spray paint I had used on the windows I applied a couple of coats to my mullions and wah-la! Beautiful custom looking windows!

Now it was time to add the finish touches. See the full reveal HERE.

Your DIY Novice,


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